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Half of all the time spent on Facebook is used to play social games. More than 250 million users play social games on Facebook and half of the U.S. population between 18 and 44 who use Facebook, also play social games on a daily basis, helping to contribute to the $20 billion dollar PC gaming industry. With all that said, MediaBrix has a new way to capitalize on this crowd with breakthrough moment advertising.

Wade Tinney, CEO and founder, Large Animal Games commented about the new Breakthrough Moments for casual gamers, saying...
"We like MediaBrix's focus on Breakthrough Moments," ... "It shows an in-depth understanding of the player experience that I rarely see from other platforms. They've thought about the problem from every angle -- advertiser, developer, user -- and have created products that work for all sides."

The BTMs is aimed at catching players – one or many of the millions that play social games on a daily basis – while they're engaged in accomplishing something special, like completing a difficult level or ranking up or acquiring a special achievement. According to MediaBrix, this is when gamers are most receptive to ads and a perfect time to shovel some sort of corporate-compliant consumption material into the face of the casualite.

Ari Brandt, CEO and co-founder, MediaBrix commented about the new model that the advertising agency is employing for their clients, noting...
"We have always believed in delivering meaningful advertising experiences that engage users and add to the experience during gameplay and we're excited to add Rewards to our product suite," ... "With the upgrade to the platform we already deliver more than 500 million Breakthrough Moments each month. We look forward to seeing this number grow exponentially to provide more options and opportunities to deliver these moments for the world's greatest brands."

Curious what the Breakthrough Moments are all about? MediaBrix lays out their revised and revived plans to catch you with an ad using the following methodology:

Flex (formerly SocialFlex), the best brand-response advertising unit delivered during congratulatory moments

Views (formerly SocialViews), the ultimate solution for value exchange video ads offered during moments of rescue in gaming

Fusion (formerly SocialFusion), an exclusive and scalable integration that allows advertisers to create their own breakthrough moments

Rewards, an engagement unit that rewards users during moments of highest achievement. Advertisers can join in the BTM when a user achieves a new high score and reward them with a virtual gift. Once a reward is redeemed, consumers reciprocate the brand's generosity by taking further action such as downloading a coupon or engaging with the brand in other meaningful ways. Rewards produces powerful emotional connections and creates lasting impressions for a brand.

You can learn more about MediaBrix and their Breakthrough Moments over on their Official Website.

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