The Unreal Engine 3 powered, multiplayer third-person shooter, Mercenary Ops, will be arriving soon for the Apple iPhone and iPad. The game sports traditional MOTPS combat and encourages mobile users to unleash their competitive side in the game's two defining modes.

The story mode sports eight distinct levels and three massive boss battles, where-as the survival mode enables gamers to keep going at it against wave after wave of increasingly difficult enemies.

The one-touch control mechanics makes it easy to hop into and play, so casual gamers won't have any difficulty picking up the control scheme and blasting down some baddies.

The game has been available on the app store in China for the past two months, and after garnering enough consumer praise and recognition, Yingpei Games decided to try their hand with a broader audience by moving the game over to various other regions.

You can look for Mercenary Ops to arrive on the app store soon. If you want to learn more about the game, feel free to visit the Official Facebook Page.

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