A lot of free-to-play publishers come across as if they care about consumer rights. Oftentimes, though, these publishers have policies in place that work against gamers with tricky wording or monetary stipulations in the terms of service or end user license agreement(s). Well, you won't have to worry about that with publisher, Kalends.

Mercenary Ops producer Jason Sharp answered a few of our questions regarding the upcoming Unreal Engine 3 shooter and one thing he wanted to make clear is that they don't plan on abusing consumer trust with their cash shop and microtransactions like some other free-to-play publishers.

If you didn't get the memo, GamersFirst does not issue refunds, they will not restore lost items and if your cash shop goods get ripped off by some dastardly hacker, well, you're out of luck and out of money because GamersFirst does not restore lost items as outlined in their TOS and in-game EULA. Beware of putting any money in their coffers because if you lose any of it, you won't be getting it back.

Thankfully, it's the opposite for Kalends and the upcoming Mercenary Ops, or so, that's what producer Jason Sharp says, responding to a question about refund policies and returns for YingPei's upcoming game, saying...
It is really unfortunate when a company has such an unfair attitude towards its players. At Kalends we have a very different approach; we take our customer service very seriously and because of this, will work openly with our players to resolve any issues. In legitimate cases refunds, restores and returns will always be granted. We are also expecting far fewer cases of "stolen" cash shop items since there is no item trading in Mercenary Ops.

A lot of publishers try to limit cash shop item trading to keep down on account manipulation and/or hacking someone's premium items to sell for in-game cash, or on the MMO black market for real money. It's good to know that Mercenary Ops won't be taking on that kind of company behavior. Thank goodness.

We'll put up the rest of the interview soon, but again, if you care about your consumer rights at least you know from the start that Mercenary Ops won't be run by a company where no refunds, no returns and no restorations are out of the question. You can sign-up right now for the Mercenary Ops closed-beta by paying a visit to the game's Official Website.

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