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The iOS has been home to some of the most talked about games since the emerging importance of mobile gaming. The iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad have been shifting game units like crazy and MetaCritic was wise to pick up support for the platform. However, the iOS’ rival, Google’s Android, isn’t getting the same kind of loving from MetaCritic.

In an interview with Pocketful of Megabytes, the VP of programming for CBS’ interactive gaming division, John Davidson, commented about the inclusion of iOS video game apps to MetaCritic, saying…
We had been running a monthly round-up feature of well-reviewed iPhone games, and totting them up as a kind of monthly shopping list and we were getting a lot of traction with it. This affirmed something that both Metacritic founder Marc Doyle and I believed could be a useful tool, and that would help legitimize the platform further.

The biggest difference between MetaCritic’s iOS support and Android support boils down to coverage. That’s right, the iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad have been receiving reliable video game coverage from a number of places and that has justified a fully fleshed out section on MetaCritic. In regards to the Android, Davidson stated that…
Now that the Android Market is established, we’re looking into how reliable it will be as a source. Beyond that, we need to see ongoing, consistent coverage from a good number of outlets so that we have good data to pull from.

So there you have it: No love for the Android from MetaCritic until other people start loving the Android a little bit more. You can check out the entire interview with Davidson over at Pocketful of Megabytes.