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Konami confirmed today that MEME, the horribly-named second expansion to Metal Gear Online, will be released on November 25th. They've also given us a full run-down of what content you can expect with it.

MEME will add three new maps with surprisingly straightforward titles: "Silo Sunset," "Forest Firefight," and "Winter Warehouse." Two new playable characters, Mei Ling and Liquid Ocelot, will also be included. In addition, the expansion brings a few smaller extras, including new customization settings. Rejoice, you can now give your character an afro.

You can purchase the expansion for $10 by itself or buy it bundled with the first MGO expansion GENE for around $16. I'm converting those prices from Euros so those might not be exact. November 25th is also the start of the "commemorative campaign", a special event which runs until December 9th. Every player who logs on during these two weeks will get 10,000 free points to purchase new gear at the in-game store.