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If you love beautiful, subdued, tropic atmospheres, deep exploration and mind prickling adventure, then Miasmata will be right up your alley. The game feels like a true next-generation step for a series like Myst or Riven except to help offset all the beauty and gorgeousness, there's a scary looking cat monster with antlers hunting you down.

The game is an indie title (like we would EVER get a thought provoking, exploration game from a mainstream publisher? Pfft, yeah right) and the team behind the game are brothers Joe and Bob Johnson.

I don't want to give away too much, so instead I'll let the trailer do all the talking. Check it out below.

It literally looked like a playable tech demo. For everyone who always asks “When do we get to play the games that look like those tech demos?” Miasmata is the game that looks like those tech demos and you actually get to play it, scary cat creature and all.

The game is actually running on an in-house engine designed by Joe Johnson called the MILO Engine, it supports voxel based volumetric clouds, real-time ray casting, day and night cycles, dynamic reflections and, as indicated by the trailer above, dynamic shadowing.

The story revolves around an ill-stricken scientist named Robert Hughes who is looking for a cure. The game is a survival, exploration-adventure title that features exploring the tropical island of Eden to find special ingredients to cure Hughes.

Miasmata looks very interesting and will launch soon for Windows and Mac at the $19.99 price-point. It looks like such a throwback to old-school brain-churners like the Island of Dr. Brain or The Return to Zork, but infused with more hard-hitting visual spectacles from games like Far Cry and Crysis.

You can learn more about Miasmata by paying a visit to the Official IonFX Website.

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