A new expansive update for the free-to-play, team-based, cartoon-style, third-person shooter was released called Pow Wow and it features new clothes and material for the hip-hop character Knox, as well as a new map called BitMap, which takes place in the developer's office space.

Knox is the main star of the update, with two new outfits and additional parts for players to fiddle around with in the character customization settings. As stated in the press release...
This new update centers around this favorite MicroVolts character and features all-new Chief and Warrior costume sets inspired by traditional Native American outfits! Players can also get excited about the new Katana melee weapons as well as the three new rare rifles and a brand new costume set for Pandora, all of which are available exclusively in MicroVolts' Capsule Machine'

One of the things I like about MicroVolts is that they have a huge cache of weapons to choose from but most are all finely balanced, so you won't find one gun doing too much damage over another, or any particular gun being too unbalanced compared to the rest. The developers definitely did a good job of keeping things balanced.

Howard He, President and CEO of Rock Hippo Productions commented in the press release about the new update, saying...
"Knox is a MicroVolts fan favorite, andplayers are going to love the new parts for this street wise, superflexible figure that always keeps his fans and opponents in stitches,"... "MicroVolters are like one big family so it's also fun that they cannow get a sneak peek into the developers' office in the new "Bitmap"map."

The game itself is just like its name: players take control of dangerous, hostile toys who try to kill each other in larger-than-life environments. It's kind of a throwback to the Army Men games that that used to be so popular during the PSX and N64 era.

You can play MicroVolts for free, right now. To learn more about the game or to download the client be sure to pay a visit to the Official Website.

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