Microsoft’s XNA Best Move Over, FPS Creator X10 Is Out For Blood

Ever since Crysis emerged from Crytek’s studios it was evident that gaming wasn’t going to be the same with DX10 on the scene and UK developers, The Game Creators, are taking advantage of the opportunity. The next generation of gaming has started, but the next generation of innovation begins with Direct X 10.

The FPS Creator X10 is an intuitive design program suited for making games, even without any prior programming knowledge. Ooh, I’m betting Cliffy B is a nervous wreck now that anyone can make a game that tops Gears of War. Yep, your old Grandpa could shuffle out Solitaire: Apocalypse Edition, and start a whole new revolution for the elderly getting hardcore with gaming.

What’s more is that gamers can sell their creations 100% royalty free.“FPS Creator X10 will allow any creative end-user to make stunning games on Windows Vista. It’s the start of a whole new era for the creation of sophisticated content,” said The Game Creators’ Financial Director, Rick Vanner.

Anyway, FPS Creator X10 requires a video card that supports Direct X 10 (duh), and Windows Vista. Game-makers can create multiplayer games, landscapes, enemies and even utilize the built-in physics engine for maximum interaction. Below is a list of features that comes with FPS Creator X10, right out of the box.


• GPU instancing enables your game to feature many more characters whose appearance and behaviour can be varied using powerful texture array techniques.

• Smoke and fire take on a whole new realism, thanks to volumetric soft particles.

• New soft shadowing technology brings games a step closer to reality.

• Shader features built into your Direct X10 graphics card enable you to add Bloom effects for cinematic lighting, realistic reflections and Fresnel water which not only refracts light as it enters the water but also reflects the surrounding environment.

FPS Creator X10 will retail for $59.99 and will be available April 27th. For further information and details, you can visit the Official FPS Creator X10 Website.

Will Usher

Staff Writer at CinemaBlend.