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Avast, yee. All hands on deck as Ubisoft announces a release date for the first expansion pack to hit its PC fantasy SRPG, Might and Magic Heroes VI. The Pirates of the Savage Sea adventure pack will be available for Windows PC on July 12. That's like (carries the six, divides by two) less than a month away.

Not some measly offering, the Pirates expansion promises an additional 10 hours of gameplay. It includes a new story that puts Might and Magic hero, Crag Hack, right in the middle of the spotlight as a playable character.

And what booty would be complete without all the extra bits and baubles? Along with the extra chunk of campaign content, Pirates will offer players new artifacts to discover, a new uuber-powered weapon, and additional bonuses.

The expansion will set you back $9.99 which, to me, sounds like a steal for anyone who is already enjoying the game. As an expansion, Pirates of the Savage Sea boasts twice as much content as some full games coming out these days, all at a sixth of the price. It can be picked up from the Ubishop, as well as Steam and “other digital retailers.”

For more information on the Pirates of the Savage Seas expansion, visit the Might and Magic website.

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