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If you want to play MineCraft in the past, you had two options: purchase the Beta or download the free but outdated Classic version. Starting today, though, there's a third option.

MineCraft, if you're unaware is a single-player and multiplayer building simulator. You can travel through a massive open world, gather resources, and use them to create whatever structures you can imagine. The world is populated by animals you can hunt for food or building materials, and hostile creatures like zombies that you must fight or avoid. Classic gives you unlimited resources and is free of enemies, so you can focus solely on creating.
exclusive demo of the game. It allows you to build your own little virtual world for 90 minutes. After the timer runs out, your world will become uneditable. You're free to start from scratch, though.

As always, you can download MineCraft Classic through the official website. You can buy the beta there for €14.95 (about $21). Once the game is out of beta, you'll have to pay €20 (about $29).

Oh, and if my description of the game didn't set your loins on fire, check out this uber-dramatic fan trailer of the game.