Mojang officially released Patch 1.2 for the PC and Mac versions of their open-world building game MineCraft today. The Patch introduces a new jungle environment to the game as well as iron golems.

Fortunately, these golems aren't predatory. They're programmed to protect villagers. That's a good thing, because the game's zombies are more dangerous than ever thanks to new A.I.. If you're the sort who likes to kill villagers, though, these iron giants might pose a problem.

The new jungle biome features ferns, climbable veins, and a variety of trees. They're also home to wild cats known as ocelots. Like wolves, these ocelots can be tamed by players.

Patch 1.2 makes a number of welcome tweaks for building. The height limit of the maps has been doubled from 128 to 256. New items and blocks give you new possibilities for your creations. Door behavior has been modified as well; they'll now properly detect whether they're open or closed.

The full change notes for 1.2 can be found here. A trailer for the patch is below.

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