Board games and collectable card games are great and all, but sometimes all of those stats, hit points and various other bits of data can be tricky to keep track of. That’s led to many-a board game being ported to the digital front or, in the case of BitFlip Games’ Minion Master just starting out there in the first place.

Minion Master is a hybrid in every sense of the word, combining elements from tabletop gaming with turn based and real-time strategy, as well as deck building. Rather than expect player to keep track of all of those moving pieces, however, Minion Master will be heading directly to PC. The game has officially hit its beta period, introducing the games online competitive multiplayer mode, which allows up to six humans and AI opponents to wage virtual war.

“The launch of the Minion Master beta is a massive step for BitFlib, as the introduction of multiplayer opens a whole new world of tactics and challenges against human opponents,” said Executive Producer David Steinwedel. “Along with a new animation system, we’ve given the digital board game a massive overhaul.”

Steinwedel said the development team will continue to track player feedback throughout the beta to continue shaping Minion Master as it approaches a still unspecified launch date.

Those interested can check out screenshots, forums and loads of additional details at the Minion Master official website. That’s also where you can preorder the game for $15, and doing so by Sept. 2 will earn you a special in-game character. The BitFlip team will also be attending Penny Arcade from Aug. 31 to Sept. 2, and anyone who drops by their booth will gain access to a limited edition card.

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