You've got to have a lot of pull under your fingers to be able to keep the wool over Apple's eyes. That's exactly the case with 22 Can's Peter Molyneux and the upcoming iOS game, Curiosity: What's Inside The Cube? The prized possession within the cube itself is unknown to everyone, including tech giant Apple.

According to a brief interview with Now Game, Molyneux confesses that if Apple knew what was in the cube it would be a deal-breaker, saying...
That was a deal-breaker. Otherwise, I would have had to say no to the iOS version as the power of curiosity would be lost.

"The only way I can be utterly confident that nobody knows is by not telling anyone in the world. It’s something, I think, that will surprise people and I predict that as the cube gets smaller, rumours will start to build."

What we do know is that money is not inside the cube...bummer.

The cube itself is composed of more than 60 million blocks and the game probably is best known for the $77,000 DLC. What does that DLC buy? A pick...yep, a pick. You can use it to chip away at those 60 million blocks slightly faster than the competition. Yes, you'll be competing with everyone else who purchases the product – everyone will be vying to see what's inside the black cube located in a single room.

The catch for the game (if we can even call it that) is that only one person will get to see what's in the cube. From there on, the only information about what's actually in the cube can only be spread via viral social networking. Otherwise, the information is lost forever to the gaping voids of time.

You can look for Curiosity: What's Inside The Cube? to launch this week on the Apple App Store.

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