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Curious what the next-generation of Monster Hunter will look like running on Crytek's latest CryEngine 3? Well, look no further than the brand new promotional trailer from Tencent Games and Capcom for the promotion of Monster Hunter Online, which will be released exclusively in China.

The game makes the most use of Crytek's proprietary technology, enabling users to experience not only the fun-filled gameplay that Monster Hunter games are known for, but there's a host of really cool graphical enhancements that give the game a much more solid and tactically dynamic feel, such as the spread of fire, physics-based destruction and dynamic environmental interaction unlike anything else featured in previous Monster Hunter games.

For now, Capcom and Tencent are focusing on bringing the game to the illustrious Chinese gaming sector, which has a bustling free-to-play market. Gamers looking to partake in the intense action of the new MMO can either move to China or get a VPN and register for the game over on Tencent's website.

This is probably one of the few MMOs out there that isn't an intrusive MMO and actually focuses more on exploration and fun-filled combat rather than grinding on 1,000 space rats. You can learn more about Monster Hunter Online by paying a visit to the game's official website and signing up to participate in the beta.