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A new video has surfaced for Monster Hunter Online, the upcoming free-to-play MMO from super-corporation Tencent. The video follows the exploits of several boss hunts, as well as a look at a few of the towns players will visit and a few of the weapons they'll be able to acquire.

Dualshockers spotted the new video and rolled out a brief description of the action, noting the near eight minutes of uninterrupted gameplay and a look at many of the different elements of the game.

Tencent Games has worked very hard in capturing the spirit and energy of the other Monster Hunter games on various other platforms, while also incorporating the same open-endedness available in most online RPGs.

Just like the traditional Monster Hunter titles on home consoles, Tencent has focused their MMO on gathering up a few friends, scouring through the town for some quests and then venturing into the great unknown to take on some of the most vicious, over-the-top, deadly and iconic monsters from Capcom's illustrious franchise.

This is also one of the few brands where turning it into an MMO makes a heck of a lot of sense. As showcased in the video above, different weapons can be made from different parts of a monster, so that you'll progressively need to defeat stronger monsters to acquire various parts that can be used to take down other, larger, tougher monsters.

I am curious how Tencent plans to deal with the cash shop portions of the game. Most MMO titles rely on boosters to help balance the expenses of an MMO, but in this case I'm wondering what a booster would really do considering that traditional XP and item acquirement in Monster Hunter games aren't the same as other MMOs... it's not like you beat a monster and a legendary item just pops out or you can farm a bunch of smaller monsters to instantly get stronger.

A lot of the progress in Monster Hunter games is dependent on your equipment, and it would be nice to see how Tencent plans to handle that fine balance for an MMO so that it's not necessarily pay-to-win, yet at the same time there's an incentive for players to spend money on the game.

Anyway, the video above just further certifies that Tencent definitely has a talented group of people working on Capcom's Monster Hunter MMO. The graphics look superb and the incorporation of some CryEngine features such as destructible environments and high-end visual features could help this MMO find an audience and keep it.

So far, there's still no word on the international availability of Monster Hunter Online, but it's likely we could hear more about it after the first sets of closed-beta testing finish up.
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