Just when you thought there were no more monsters left to shoot, Monster Shooter 2: Back to Earth brings the fight a little bit closer to home…As in, you are now shooting monsters on Earth. I kinda figured the game’s title made that fact abundantly clear but, you know, just in case.

A twin-stick shooter for mobile platforms, the hero of the original Monster Shooter, Dumdum the alien, has returned to Earth with his trusty sidekick, Kitty. And just when he thought things were going to calm down, the evil monster menace rears its ugly head on his new home.

“After such a phenomenal and unstoppable success, we’re delighted to announce the official sequel to our Monster Shooter game,” said Gamelion product manager Wojtek Wronowski concerning the recent announcement that the first game has broken more than 10 million downloads. “This franchise has performed incredibly well, and we’re very proud of the reaction it’s had from gamers all over the world. And we know those gamer are going to love Back to Earth even more.”

Back to Earth features a whole new story with new maps, weapons and enemies for players to blast through. The game will also sport full HD Retina graphics for your fancy mobile devices, as well as a cooperative mode for players to enjoy with a friend.

Look for Monster Shooter 2: Back to Earth to blast its way onto iOS and Android, free of charge, sometime during Q2 of this year.

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