Polypusher Studios is working on a new first-person, psychological horror-thriller called Montague's Mount. It deals with a deeply disturbed individual who has encountered a traumatizing event and eventually ends up on a desolated island alone, hurt and seeking answers. The game has a mix of Cast Away meets Lost meets Myst all trolled up into one intriguing game.

New gameplay footage was released of Polypusher's new game, showcasing the game's puzzle mechanics, deeply interactive world and a bit of the psychological dread the game encompasses. One thing really worth noting is the sort of quizzical, thought-invoking musical score that leads you to believe that there's a lot more to everything than what meets the eye.

I can't say it's the greatest thing I've seen within this sub-genre of first-person puzzle-solving gameplay, but it looks interesting nonetheless. The intrigue lies mostly within the vaguely unveiled story simply involving trauma, survival and a deep personal story involving the main protagonist. I like that the developers haven't given everything away and are focusing mostly on the intrigue to get players interested.

If you're a fan of the old Myst games or Alien Legacy or Sierra-Online's highly underrated Phantasmagoria, then Montague's Mount might be a game right up your ally. The combination of a stark but realistic environmental setting fused with a bit of mystery and puzzle solving could help the game establish a nice little niche audience.

You can vote up Montague's Mount: Episode 1 by visiting the Official Steam Greenlight Page, where you can also learn more about the project or ask the developers a question or two.

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