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I know this game is being catered to the Twilight Saga fan-girls and fanboys, but I have to come clean and say that I'm more interested in Moonlight Online because it's like a 3D version of DarkEden Online. DarkEden fans will understand.

Anyways, IGG announced that the Chinese CBT is going well but a lot of English players want in on the action, too. To accommodate non-Mandarin speaking gamers, IGG revealed that they are working on an English translation right now.

The game is currently available to test via a Facebook app. The whole thing, however, is aimed at Chinese gamers for now, so it would be really difficult to get a feel for the game given that you probably wouldn't understand "Enter" from "Exit".

A few of the highlights of Moonlight Online include parkour -- yes, you can free-run across buildings and throughout the environment -- as well as Soul Clerics for weapons, which enables players to level-up the soul of a weapon and transfer it to other weapons in order to increase stats and abilities. There's also the three-way open-world PvP with non-targeting combat, between vampires, lycans and humans. I mean, come on, tell me that isn't cool?

Moonlight Online is set for official release before summer of this year. You can read up more on the game or try your hand at the Chinese CBT via the Facebook app by visiting the Official Website.

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