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In two days IGG will unveil the newly revamped and improved Moonlight Online, the game that pits werewolves, vampires and humans up against each other in dynamic, open-world PvP fashion. The game's highlights include transformation abilities, weapon enchantments and parkour...yes, parkour.

Moonlight Online has been a long gestating project by IGG that eventually came to fruition via a Facebook adaptation. Well, a lot of gamers who play on Facebook do so casually and you can't really build brand growth relying on part-time players, hence IGG decided to go all out and release a full fledged client-side model called Moonlight Online: Global.

The game has a darker tone to its presentation, a stronger focus on the Gothic elements, and enough non-targeting gameplay to keep the masses appeased. I'm still a bit cautious of the title until we can really get more media details, but they'll eventually arrive once March 20th comes to fruition.

We've been handing out some cash shop beta keys with items worth over $30 on our Facebook page, so be sure to keep an eye out if you want to grab hold of a key and play the game.

For more information on Moonlight Online be sure to visit the Official Website.