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A second video trailer was available for No More Heroes 2: Desperate Struggle that pretty much walks gamers through one entire level in the game. The entire thing nearly spans 10 whole minutes and showcases a lot of gameplay…of course, the video is not for anyone under the age of 17.

It’s a bit shocking that Ubisoft is at the publisher’s helm this time around, but apparently they think they can move units for this game like Sega couldn’t. Either way, No More Heroes 2 is more lurid, vile, vulgar, violent and reckless than the first game. I’m sure Suda fans will be pleased.

One of the new functions of the game is “maintaining” your “lightsaber”. And by this, I mean that there is a little penis meter in the corner (I kid you not) and you have to keep it happy and erect (and that’s not even a joke). As you use your lightsabers the little penis meter depletes and becomes limp (literally). So, to keep on fighting and using combos Travis has to take a little time out and masturbate his “lightsaber”…yes, he has to masturbate his “lightsaber” (again, it’s no joke). By doing so the little penis meter in the corner gets erect and his “lightsaber” goes back to full strength. If, however, Travis doesn’t masturbate occasionally, the lights go out on the saber and you’re left nearly powerless.

During boss battles it’s important to keep the little penis meter full because it depletes rather quickly when fighting tougher enemies. Most of all the boss battle is shown in the video below, save for the final death sequence, which of course, is going to be saved for gamers who actually buy the game.

You can check out the new video below or Suda51's Dev Doc here. Feel free to visit the Official Website for more information. One thing to note, though, Suda definitely isn’t treating the Wii like a kid’s toy.

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