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While we may have our reservation about Suda 51’s upcoming No More Heroes Wii title (we don’t easily forget the wonky game mechanics and horrible voice acting of Killer7), you can’t say the game lacks style. Earlier today we brought you the TGS trailer that proved it. The gameplay looks sick, it might even play as good as it looks. But what of the game itself? Ubisoft has picked up the publishing rights for the game and will bring it to North America in February 2008. Then we’ll find out for sure.

Lucky for you, we’re an impatient lot at CB Games. We’d rather get a feel for the game immediately, and so the search was on. Is there any way to determine the level of bloodletting nihilism in No More Heroes? The answer is, ayup. Below is a video that begins with the opening cinematic for the game. A few short NMH commercials follow at the end.

The opening cinematic is, for lack of a better phrase, a slap and tickle for gamers everywhere. Travis’ voice acting is actually really good, and the self aware game gets right to the heart of No More Heroes. This is a game about an assassin trying to kill the ten people who are better at murder than he is; it’s your job to rectify that problem. Preferably as violently as possible. Could there be a more straightforward concept for a game?

Watch the video below and make up your own mind. No More Heroes comes out February 08, and it “could kick ass; could be dangerous; could totally suck.”

WARNING: If you can't handle strong language, grow a pair. But the vid does contain strong language.