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I’m all for indie gaming. I love a good, small budget project that does something big. One of my all time favorite PC RPGs happens to be Mr. Robot from Moon Pod Studios. However, not every indie project with lofty goals attains the goals or accomplishes its aspirations…Mortal Online is one of those projects.

Nevertheless, OnLegend, a managing company for global distribution of software projects, has signed an agreement with the Nordic-based development studio, Star Vault, to get the game published world wide, so that everyone from around the world can run around buck naked, killing newbs and farming pigs.

I originally reviewed Mortal Online a few years ago, receiving tons of fan backlash saying that the review was unfair. However, to this day, newbie gamers continue to log into the game to find balancing issues galore, glitches galore and a general lack of direction for the game. Still, some die-hard fans of Ultima Online have continued to keep the game afloat and with the help of OnLegend the game should reach new audiences around the globe, for any publisher willing to take on supporting this Unreal Engine 3 powered beast.

Julian Migura, VP of OnLegends commented in the press release, saying…
Having the opportunity to work with such an innovative title and its highly-experienced, dedicated team is a massive opportunity for us and a big task for us to fulfill”,

A big task sounds like the right kind of wording for this game. For those of you who don’t know, Mortal Online is a medieval, first-person, realistic MMO simulator. The concept for the game is ingenious and something rarely explored in the world of MMOs: survival gameplay. The problem, however, is that the transition from conceptual gameplay design to actual gameplay mechanics hit some really rough patches and, well, let’s just say you’ll need a lot of patience, a very up-to-date PC and a strong will to avoid rage-quitting if you plan on enjoying your stay in Mortal Online.

You can learn more about the game and the deal with OnLegends by visiting the Official Website.