Moto Racer 1 And 2 Get Re-Released Through DotEmu

Two of the absolute very best motorcycle racing games from their generation are being re-released for PC gamers to experience, all thanks to DotEmu. The company has revived a number of old-school, classic games from the hey-day of PC gaming and they’re all available at budget prices.

For about $6 you can grab classics like Commandos or Broken Sword…you know, the games that paved the way of innovation for our current generation of big-budget, lackluster shooters and unimaginative RTS games.

Nevertheless, Motoracer was a benchmark at the time for having crisp graphics, high resolutions and unmatched frame-rates for a racing game back in the day. You can grab both games for just over $6 each over at DotEmu, which also supports PayPal.

To learn more just visit DotEmu’s Official Website.

Will Usher

Staff Writer at CinemaBlend.