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A new racing game has just launched on Steam called Motorcycle Club. It's a different sort of racer insofar that gamers will have access to three different motorcycle types all in one race. Seems kind of interesting, yeah? Well, it kind of comes with a disappointing caveat.

Kylotonn Entertainment and Bigben Interactive recently released Motorcycle Club to digital distributors... today. The game doesn't have a lot of feedback at the moment and it's just finding its own path on the digital distribution service. It features 22 licensed motorcycles from BMW, Honda, Kawasaki, KTM, Suzuki and Yamaha.

Very much like Road Rash, there is a gradient scale from 125cc all the up to 2000cc. Players will work their way up the ranks in over 40 different challenges across 20 different circuits.

The game also sports multiplayer modes for up to four players, as well as full controller support.

So what's so bad about the game? Well, take a look at the eight minute gameplay video below from YouTube outlet GameTron.

Now it all looks fine and dandy, but there have been some complaints over the game's control mechanics; with some users citing less-than-precise mechanics for controlling the bikes unless you're using a gamepad. I imagine this could be a huge drawback for keyboard and mouse players.

Controls may not seem like a big thing for some gamers, but the reality is that controls define the fun-factors for a racing game; piss poor controls can break the immersion factors as well as the overall enjoyment of the game.

For as far as I can see it looks like a fairly mediocre game. The gimmick is that players have the ability to switch between bike classes mid-race. Why is there an option to switch between bike classes mid-race? Because each part of the track is designed to make full use of a certain bike's capabilities. This means that for the rough patches the roadster is good and well. For the high-speed segments a sports bike is what's required. For the twists and turns a custom ride just might do the trick.

There's a little icon at the top of the screen that indicates which bike is selected and gives you a heads-up display on switching between each bike class.

The trick to winning a race is knowing when to switch and how to navigate each road race while also staying ahead of the pack.

The game has an interesting gimmick, yet at the same time I don't know if it's enough to convince me that it's a $39.99 game. Compared to something like Road Redemption, there's just a heck of a lot more potential to Road Redemption with all the combat, crazy weather and outrageous physics. Nevertheless, for people who wanted an arcade motorcycle racer without all the over-the-top craziness present in a game like Road Redemption – or if something like MotoGP is too simulation-oriented – I guess it would make sense to settle for something like Motorcycle Club.

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