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Talesworld has announced that Mount & Blade II: Bannerlord is coming. The series has become extremely popular within underground sects of the PC gaming and modding community, offering up plenty of unscripted hours of fun and adventure, not to mention the 200-plus player multiplayer that has spawned its own meta-culture.

Technically, Mount & Blade 2 would be the fourth game in the series, following the original Mount & Blade, Mount & Blade: Warband and Mount & Blade: With Fire and Sword. But hey, who's counting?

The game will continue the tradition of being an open-world, sandbox style strategy-RPG with real-time combat. The new teaser trailer gives you a little bit to be excited about despite not revealing anything special at all.

The thing that has made Mount & Blade so cool is the fact that it's so hard, unforgiving and dynamically strategic. In multiplayer, a player who is skilled in combat is no more useful than the guy who can maneuver a group of players into position to out-flank and out-smart opponents. The massive scale battles also lends itself to a rare kind of gaming experience where charging in head-first to do some Dynasty Warriors-style combat never works out well, simply because the AI (and other players) don't just stand around waiting for you to kill them.

Hopefully the unique combat system will return with slight improvements and we'll see more dynamic interaction available in the game.

Details are sketchy since the game has just been announced, but I suspect that we'll find out more soon enough. If you're curious about Mount & Blade and need an idea of what the game is like, check out one of the more popular mods in action right here. To share the love and show some appreciation to Talesworld, feel free to visit their Official Facebook Page.

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