A touch of old-school goodness and new-school artistry and features permeate all throughout the colorful new pig's tale of a father just trying to get home to his wife and kid called Mr. Bree+. The trailers for the game are absolutely engrossing and the music is royally off the hook and the team is hoping to get their game approved via Steam's Greenlight, just like other high-profile games before like Road Redemption and Guncraft.

TawStudio's original Flash-based game has undergone a major overhaul and an upgrade in order to appeal to the newer generation of gamers. It's sort of like this era's Xargon.

The production values on Mr. Bree+ are especially impressive and the combination of the music with the art design and the smooth as butter animation really helps separate this game from many other independent productions out there. This is certainly a game that deserves to be on Steam based on the merit of its design alone.

The game sports 45 story levels, 15 secret levels, 4 game modes, boss fights and a rocking soundtrack. The team hails from Pindamonhangba, Brazil and the small group of developers actually showcase a passion for game creation that is rarely showcased in such a beautifully designed indie title.

You can show your support for this game by giving it an upvote or two over on the Steam Greenlight page. You can also check out an additional trailer of the gameplay below.

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