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Actor and noted bad-ass Mr. T is starring in a new World of Warcraft television commercial. To celebrate Mr. T's glorious return to advertising, Blizzard is offering a free in-game item to WoW players.

Night Elf Mohawk NPCs camped outside of every race's starting zone will give you Mohawk Grenades. The Grenade isn't a weapon; instead of blowing people up, it gives everyone within its blast radius a Mr. T-style mohawk haircut. Each Grenade has five charges and you can go get another one from the Night Elf Mohawks once you've used them all up.

The Mohawk Grenades are available on North American servers starting today and on European and Korean servers on November 24th. "They'll be available until... well, until the Night Elf Mohawk decides his work is done," says the official FAQ. You can check out the television commercial below.