One of the most visually artistic games set for release this year (with the other being Batman: Arkham Asylum, which imitates surrealistic photography) Muramasa has quickly garnered a good deal of positive press coverage and a lot of anticipation from Wii gamers. To continue the trend of providing the community with new footage and assets, Ignition has recently released a new trailer for Muramasa: Demon Blade and it’s all about chopping, slicing and dicing.

The game features to playable characters, the male swordsman Kisuke and the beautiful but deadly female warrior, Momohime. Both characters are shown off in the following trailer, executing devastating skills and showcasing beautifully animated techniques.

Muramasa is a rare breed of games that falls in line with the likes of Odin Sphere or the upcoming Dust: Elysian Tail. You can check out the awesome new trailer below and look for the game to hit store shelves on September 8th, exclusively for the Nintendo Wii.

For more info on Muramasa: Demon Blade be sure to visit the Official Website. For more gaming news, updates, media and insight, make sure you stay tuned in with Blend Games.

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