The NFL and GREE have an officially licensed mobile title out there called NFL Shuffle for the iOS. The game recently launched for Apple's mobile handsets and sports addictive card-based gameplay featuring officially licensed teams and players from America's most popular sport. GREE released a few stats on the game and the most played team on the game is the New England Patriots.

The company took a look at the statistics for the game since its officially rollout back in December of 2012. What they found was that after polling gamers, the top three team picks were the Patriots, the Packers and the Cowboys.

What's more is that the most popular offensive captain was Vernon Davies from the 49ers, where-as the most popular defensive captain was NaVorro Bowman, also from the 49ers.

Eiji Araki, SVP, Social Games, GREE International commented about the title for Apple's iOS powered platforms, saying...
“NFL Shuffle is a new way for football fans to experience the excitement of the NFL all year round,” ... “We’ve taken the best in card game design and paired it with one of the most celebrated brands in the world to create a fun mobile gaming experience for fans everywhere. We place great value in honoring and representing the needs of our players and football fans, and are looking forward to providing them with an entertaining NFL experience.”

Given the popularity of the NFL in America, the popularity of iPhones and the fact that an officially licensed title for the iPhone is available right now, will probably mean that GREE has nothing but success to look forward to throughout 2013 with NFL Shuffle. Only time will tell.

If a football team management card game is something you think will fulfill your football needs when you aren't watching it or playing it, or help key-in a missing part of the tapestry of fun that makes up for your video game sports enthusiasm, then feel free to grab the app from the iTunes app store right now.

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