Naruto Shippuden : Kizuna Drive Coming To PSP Spring, 2011

Angry teenage Naruto fanboys unite! A new face-pummeling, body-kicking Naruto game is on the way exclusively for the PSP and it’s due out spring, 2011. You can tell your friends to prep for the upcoming game with the “OMGZ!!! teh l33t game is coming!” messages, as the team-based fighter expands on the couple dozen already released Naruto games, offering more moves, fighters, environments and special attacks to master.

As stated in the press release…

Following an all-new story, NARUTO SHIPPUDEN: Kizuna Drive pits Naruto and friends against an unseen foe responsible for the disappearance of ninja from Hidden Leaf Village. New game-exclusive characters will descend onto the scene and unexpected plot twists are revealed as players discover who seeks vengeance upon Naruto.

The game features two modes, one of which is a story mode where players will be accompanied by NPCs to stop the unforeseen evil. In the second mode, Free Mission Mode, players can build up their own team of ninja warriors and set out to kick butt, chew bubble gum and take names…and ninjas don’t chew bubble gum.

Some of the new features include tag-team chain combos, where gamers can bundle together a number of devastating attacks using each of their teammates, putting bad guys in a dire situation. Additional side-quests and four-player co-op is also present.

You can learn more about Naruto Shippuden: Kizuna Drive by visiting the Official Website.

Will Usher

Staff Writer at CinemaBlend.