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Build 244 of Natural Selection 2 has gone live and features tons of updates, fixes, features and improvements to increase both the playability and fun factors for the strategic, player-versus-player action combat game.

Natural Selection 2 has really come a long way, starting off as a mod for Unreal Tournament and then eventually forming into its own game that was many years in the making.

All the toll, pain, suffering and developmental glee eventually paid off and the team is now working hard to maintain one of the more popular, original PC FPS titles out there. The team has already released the development or modding tools for NS2 and dropped a number of other updates in March to keep the action feeling fresh and the new content alive.

The changelist is massive, but the important things that have been modified includes better shader optimization for low-end systems, a number of fixes to the core game including a “runtime error” that crashed the game. More balance issues have been implemented for drops and itemization.

You can learn more about the updates over at the Official Website.