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A new fan-made trailer for Need For Speed Underground 3 from an accomplished artisan of editing and modding in the Grand Theft Auto YouTube scene, has made its way online and is currently up and available for viewing. The full trailer is only a minute and a half long but it provides just enough bang for the timely buck to get most fans of the NFS Undergound scene excited and geeked.

The trailer comes from RavenwestR1, a YouTuber who has made a name making custom trailers in Grand Theft Auto IV using mods and fancy video editing techniques. The above trailer is an extension from a previously released teaser trailer that was basically just that... a teaser.

On Youtube the majority of the comments are already singing RavenwestR1 songs of praise, as it's made pretty clear that the trailer above really does capture a slightly less neon, toned-down aesthetic from the over-saturated and visually popping themes present in Need for Speed Underground. Even still, we can readily see how with the right mods, music and pedestrian placements, Grand Theft Auto IV is turned into a tuner-scene street racing experience, complete with sexy, turbo-charged engine sounds and some time-stop drifting antics.

Given EA's current killstreak on poor AAA releases, it's not likely that we'll see a new Need for Speed any time soon under the Underground label. After NFS Underground 2 EA retired many of those concepts in lieu of expanding the brand into other sub-genres of racing, some more or less successful than others. This continued on until the game just felt as if it had become overused and under-evolved with each annual release.

This year the company decided to give Need for Speed a “rest”, but it's likely we'll see another one crop up next year, after the new-gen twins have a higher install base and the core sector looks more financially viable for AAA publishers.

As for Need for Speed Underground 3... this fan-made trailer is the closest thing we'll get to a new sequel... for now.

Personally, I still think that RavenwestR1's remake of the Need for Speed movie trailer is still the better fan-made trailer – check it out below.

Man, he really knows how to cut together a trailer. This is actually one of my favorite trailers of all time. It's just so freaking slick. The only drawback is GTA IV's terribly low character poly count, even with the iCEnhancer; but I'm sure we'll see the quality of these videos tick up a notch once GTA V drops for PC.

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