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Longing for more Underground racing? I loved EA's Underground series for Need for Speed, but unfortunately we only received two games in the series. Everything else has been a crap-shoot of good, bad, ugly and every single gradient measure in between.

Fans are a dedicated bunch, though. Racing fans longing for more Need for Speed: Underground didn't bother to stop and wait for Electronic Arts to pacify their desire for driving and their lusts for the lane. YouTube user RavenwestR1 cut together a fan-made teaser trailer for the Need for Speed: Underground 3 using custom vehicles in Grand Theft Auto IV.

DSO Gaming spotted the new trailer from RavenwestR1, who is known for having a penchant for recreating popular racing game trailers and content in Grand Theft Auto IV. The teaser trailer is only a small taste of what's to come; according to Ravenwest there is going to be a full-length trailer for a game that doesn't exist. Way to get our hopes up, bro.

One of the main reasons Need for Speed: Underground was so popular was because it was knee-deep in the tuner culture scene. Players raced against other NPCs or players and aimed to earn coin and then upgrade and trick out the car(s). The game had all sorts of spiffy enhancements for each of the vehicles, ranging from underbody neon lights to carbon fiber body kits and everything else in between.

It wasn't just about how cool your car looked but how well your car performed while looking cool. It was a mix of all the aesthetic awesomeness from the tuner scene with all the gearhead intricacies you would expect from Gran Turismo or Forza Motorsport.

I certainly loved the Need for Speed: Underground series, and EA has yet to make a new game that really captures that same level of tuner-car culture.

At least we still have GTA IV and loads of custom cars to “ooh” and “ahh” over. My only disappointment with the teaser trailer is that Ravenwest should have replaced the race queen with someone or something a bit more flashy. The default GTA IV pedestrian models look a bit homely.

Maybe we'll finally get a chance to relive some of the glory days of NFS: Underground is Rockstar ever decides to release GTA V for PC. Oh man, all the customization and online multiplayer racing bouts that would occur if that happened is just unfathomable.

In the meantime, you can just stick to watching more Need for Speed trailers remade in Grand Theft Auto IV.

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