Perfect World Entertainment is working on a free-to-play version of the popular Dungeons & Dragons: Neverwinter brand with an MMORPG simply called Neverwinter. A new gameplay trailer was released for the title featuring some good old fashioned dungeon crawling and orc bashing.

The trailer is short and sweet and is basically a quick recap of what Perfect World and crew showcased at this year's E3. The actual gameplay is very similar to Perfect World's other massive MMO, Perfect World Online. Combat is semi-non-targeting, allowing some classes to actively dodge, aim and roll out of the way of attacks while other more traditional D&D characters stick closer to tried and true concepts of active-combat roles used in MMORPGs. Check it out below.

It's really hard to tell right now just how well a game like this will do on an already crowded MMO market. This game will also probably find itself competing directly with Turbine's Dungeons & Dragons Online...I'm definitely curious to know if gamers will leave one for the other or if Perfect World will be able to nudge Turbine's free-to-play offering off its pedestal to capture some of its audience.

It's hard right now to tell exactly what Neverwinter will be like from a brief gameplay snippet like that but it seems pretty obvious that Perfect World is definitely out to nab some D&D fans with this game. You can sign up for the beta or learn more about Neverwinter by visiting the Official Website.

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