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Cryptic Studios has published a new developer diary about character customization in their MMORPG Neverwinter. In this latest diary, they talk about the various armor choices available to players.

Players have many different armor slots to fill. The Head, Armor, Arms and Feet slots are for main equipment. Characters can also wear supplementary Neck, Waist, Shirt and Trouser items.

A character's armor will be restricted by their class and level. However, they still have a lot of options even within those limits. For example, players can stack Recovery so they can use abilities quicker. If they want to have burst damage, they can wear Critical Strike gear. Players acting as "tanks" can use gear with Defense or Deflect.

A player's choice of armor will obviously be limited a bit by luck. You can't wear armor you haven't found, after all. However, you can customize your armor set to your liking with enchantment slots.

Several screenshots depicting adventurers in different armor are below.