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If you plan on attending the Penny Arcade Expo you might want to check out Nexon’s booth while you’re there, the free-to-play publisher will be demoing a few dungeons from the upcoming Dragon Nest, as well as the first ever PvP dungeons, towns and content in the next big patch for Vindictus.

As stated in the press release…
Launching this summer for the PC, Dragon Nest combines fast-paced action with an engaging story and distinct art style. At PAX East this weekend, attendees will have the opportunity to team up with friends and play through two different dungeons, Valley of Mourning and Forest Sanctuary.

Dragon Nest has been receiving some fare praise so far throughout the industry. The game doesn’t look half bad, either. Vindictus, however, is a completely different beast that commands a whole new kind of respect for Nexon given that the game looks better than a lot of so-called “Next-gen” games on the PS3 and Xbox 360. The combat is also fast and furious with destructible environments, unbelievably intense and tactical boss fights, as well as customizable and damageable armor. Really cool.

You can learn more about both games by visiting the Official Nexon Website.