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Nexon To Showcase Dungeon Fighter At Comic-Con

Another MMO is on its way but this time it’s a bit different from the herd; it’s no longer a 3D, traditional Chinese-themed fantasy RPG. Instead, it’s a 2D action-adventure game set within the parameters of an MMORPG. Sounds interesting, no? Well, Nexon’s upcoming Dungeon Fighter will be showcased exclusively at the Comic-Con International next week and gamers attending the event will be rewarded with some nice swag if they drop by Nexon’s booth.

According to the press release…

“Nexon is taking part in the Gaming University booth and will have models in Dungeon Fighter Online costumes handing out thousands of disks that include $5 worth of Nexon cash as well as clients for its hit titles, Combat Arms, Mabinogi and MapleStory. The disk will also have the new game trailer for Dungeon Fighter Online. Comic-Con attendees will also have a chance to win four Razer Tarantula keyboards as part of an on-site sweepstakes at the Gaming University booth.”

Sounds like it could be deliciously fun. In addition to this, Robert Welkner and Hailey Bright, the hosts of the popular weekly, gaming talk show, COIN-OP TV LIVE, will be on hand to partake in the periodical presentations by Nexon, regarding Dungeon Fighter Online.

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Staff Writer at CinemaBlend.