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The Next Big Thing Introduces Lady-Killer Dan Murray

Who is set to co-star in Focus Home Interactive’s colorful crime-caper? Well, none other than the Bond-look-alike, Dan Murray…whoever that is. Pendulo Studios and FHI sent out some new media assets showcasing the debonair sidekick in the upcoming dark-comedy adventure game.

As stated in the press release…

Gifted but lazy, Dan is a slacker journalist at the “Quill.” He’s a macho man and a notorious lady-killer. Only two things matter in his eyes: beautiful women and sports… in that order. When he’s transferred from the sports desk to the newspaper’s “social” section as Liz Allaire’s sidekick, Dan is anything but pleased; most likely because she is the first woman to show a total indifference to his usually-irresistible charm!

The Next Big Thing is sort of a spiritual gameplay successor to the widely popular Runaway series, which ended its run with a multiplatform bang. Gamers interested in continuing some crime-solving, tag-team couples adventuring can soon do so once The Next Big Thing lands on PC and Macs in April of this year.

You can check out the new assets for Mr. Dan Murray below or learn more about the game by visiting the Official Website.

Staff Writer at CinemaBlend.