Sure, there are lots of runners out there on the mobile market, but how many of them feature an unemployed ninja-cat? Up until now, the answer to that question would have been “zero.” Once Ninja Sprint hits iOS, Android devices and Kindle, however, that number is going to skyrocket to “exactly one.”

So, here’s the deal: Neko the stray cat has been struck by lightning, transforming her into a human ninja-cat-lady. (Note: Please keep your real cats away from any source of electricity. What happens to Neko in this game is a work of fiction and should never be attempted.) Unfortunately for Neko, her odd appearance makes it difficult to land a job, meaning she’ll have to fall back on her sweet ninja skills to carve out a living. It’s a well-known fact that ancient monsters hoard gold, so all Neko has to do to earn all of the money she’ll ever need is run past said monsters at lightning speed, slicing them to bits as she passes. (Note: Please do not give your real cats a katana. The part about cats knowing ninjitsu is accurate and, with katanas at their disposal, the felines would rise up against their human captors.)

Ninja Sprint is due out later “this winter,” offering four scenarios packed full of 80 levels, lots of unlocks, blood effects that range from gore to delightful flowers, high score sharing through services like Game Center, and free access to future updates including new levels. All of that comes in a package that will set you back just $0.99 when Ninja Sprint arrives on iOS, Android and Kindle.

For more details, head on over to the Ninja Sprint official website.

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