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Online third-person shooter/clawer Nosgoth is gearing up to head into open beta, meaning the team at Psyonix is on the lookout for super-powered humans and vampires to put their game through its paces before the final release later this year.

When fans of the Legacy of Kain series heard that an online game set within that same world was in development, they probably weren’t expecting said game to turn out to be a third-person arena shooter. But that’s exactly what you’ll get out of Nosgoth, a game that takes team-based shoot-a-thones and plugs in a healthy dose of the occult, ancient ruins and buckets of blood.

With the final launch just over the horizon, a special event will be hosted to stress test servers, squash bugs and re-check balance.

“As Nosgoth builds towards open beta, targeting for this winter, all gamers are invited to join the battle for a four-day period with exclusive rewards for everyone that takes part,” reads the press release from Psyonix. “For helping to make Nosgoth the best experience at open beta, everyone that plays during the free weekend will be rewarded with double XP, as well as an exclusive in-game badge.”

So when is this special open beta event, you might be asking. Well, it actually starts tomorrow. Basically, you’re going to want to go to Nosgoth’s official website, get all registered up and whatnot, and get ready for the four-day event spanning Aug. 7-10. You’ll need a Steam account if you’re looking to get in on the free action.

“Since the closed alpha launch, Nosgoth has continually grown and now includes new maps, new classes, new abilities and weapons, plus a host of other features,” continues the statement from Psyonix.

Nosgoth is sort of an asymmetrical combat game, in that both teams aren’t made up of the same factions/classes. There are some similarities, sure, but playing as a human is vastly different than playing as a vampire. I had the opportunity to take the game for a spin at E3 in June, joining both sides of the battle.

Playing as a human, it’s usually better to stick together and hunt in packs. You’ve got a few weapons that feel familiar to standard shooters, like pistols, bows and shotguns, but they all typically have a mystical flair. Your gear is specailly suited to combating vamps, too, including lots of sunlight-based traps and abilities that will keep the vampires’ brute strength at bay.

As a vampire, your best bet is typically to fly solo and try to pick off humans playing solo or in small groups. And when I say fly, that’s exactly what I mean. Some vamps can fly, others can crawl along walls, others are hulking monstrosities that can take a beating like no other.

Nosgoth offers a little something different than the rest of the PC shooters on the market, and if you want to try it out firsthand, then get ready for four days of blood and battle through the weekend.

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