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More footage has surfaced of 0x10c, the epic space simulation creation game from Markus “Notch” Persson. The new footage is a rather long look at the game's competitive multiplayer features, including some laser-fire deathmatching, which takes place on a stationary spaceship...in space.

All the test footage for 0x10c has been, well, underwhelming. It's to be expected, but most of the test footage has been for stuff that isn't really all that special, except for maybe the design tool(s) which actually looks kind of cool. For now we've only seen stuff like dynamic lighting and some of the game's physics.

The video below showcases the weapons and the dying mechanics between players who engage in PvP.

Watch live video from realnotch on TwitchTV

Now, hopefully the next video will be on something a little bit more enticing, like the creation tools!

The game is similar to Minecraft insofar that a lot of the content will reside on player-created content, but it will be done in a very different way, enabling gamers to build space ships, fly to planets and battle for space dominance.

It's a shame that ideas like this are limited to the indie space, but due to the popularity of Minecraft and DayZ we're seeing some bigger studios branch slightly to cash-in on the player-driven gameplay craze. We'll keep you posted on additional updates and content for 0x10c as it becomes available.