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Now Your Pets Can Play Games With This Pet-Friendly Console

Plenty of times people post videos on Facebook depicting their cat or dog chasing something on their iPhone or iPad. Some developers have even gone as far as creating apps made especially for animals to play with. At this year’s Consumer Electronic Show (CES), one developer debuted a console, titled Cleverpet, made especially for pets—and it’s pretty awesome. Check out the trailer below.

Cleverpet is an interactive toy for pets that rewards them with treats after they solve a puzzle. It can be related to the late 90’s game Bop It or the electronic light-up toy, Simon Game.

As explained in the video, the device gives your pet a treat every time they press a button. Once they’ve figured that out, the device changes up the rules of the game and only gives the pet a treat when they press the button that is lit up. So it really is like a game of Simon Says, only without the confusing, never-ending patterns.

Cleverpet wants to promote the idea of helping your dog become trainable while also keeping them entertained throughout the day while you’re at work. Much of the coverage of the device says it’s for dogs, but I have cats who have taught themselves to pee in the bathroom sink because there’s a drain, let alone understand the bathroom is the place to do that and not the kitchen sink or on the floor. They’ve also learned that when I open a tin can, the sound signals treat time. Surely they could begin to learn that a lighted button gives them food. Knowing them, they could probably figure out a way to rig the system. Who knows? They’re cats.

Cleverpet was successfully funded on Kickstarter at $180,623 with a $100,000 goal. On Kickstarter, you could’ve backed the project and received the device for just $129, but the original retail price will be $299. Until January 10, the device is on sale for $269, $30 off of the original retail price. You can visit Cleverpet’s official website for more information.