Two new iOS applications are headed to mobile gamers this March, Animal Planet Nuko and Monsterology Nuko. The tech powering the apps is "disruptive", enabling trading cards to run on the iPod Touch, iPhone and iPad, but when asked how the technology operates, I was told it's powered by "magic".

Realistically, the tech is some groundbreaking stuff that actually does not use Apple's built-in cameras. How it works is rather simple: gamers who either have the Animal Planet Nuko, which is similar to NintenDogs, or the Monsterology Nuko, which is similar to Monster Rancher or Pokemon, simply use the proprietary trading card and press it up to the screen and bam, your monster or animal is now in the game.

Chief technology officer, Dr. Mike North talked briefly about the new trading card gaming apps, and when asked how the "disruptive" technology works, he simply said "Magic!"

If you're not pleased with that answer, North further explains that..."it's a new technology that the world hasn't seen in an application before. It doesn't use the camera and it's completely new."

The Nukotoys iOS apps will be on display at the upcoming Toy Fair between February 12th and February 15th, where the company will be showing off more details and gameplay of both Animal Planet Nuko and Monsterology Nuko, both of which are due out this spring.

For further information on the upcoming apps be sure to pay a visit to the Official Nukotoys Website.

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