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I've been trailing behind in keeping up with some of the latest in streaming technology and portable gaming devices. We've had a number of new gaming machines announced or coming to market from various hardware developers, including Razer and Xi3. Well, one of the devices that seems to have coasted a little under the radar is Nvidia's Project SHIELD, the handheld gaming machine that can stream content directly from your PC or enable you to play Android games thanks to the Jelly Bean OS.

The latest addition to the Project SHIELD gaming line-up is Electronic Arts' Need For Speed: Most Wanted, the reboot of the racing title from the PS2 era. The game is showcased in a brand new promotional video where the graphics are cranked up to the max and you get to see EA's latest racing title in all its graphical glory being streamed from a beastly GeForce GTX 650 GPU.

There was one common complaint on the YouTube page – yes, I know that the golden rule on YouTube is never read YouTube comments if you want to come out the same way you went in – but I have to agree with the majority about the lack of detailing HOW you connect Project SHIELD to your devices and how you access your games and showcasing the process of getting into your games when you're not logging in via Steam.

Other things like chat, framerate adjustments, latency and whether or not you can do other stuff on PC while you're streaming from it on SHIELD aren't really covered in the video. For newbies it's a tough-sell video because you'd really have to read up on the thing if you wanted to know the important stuff.

Still, it seems like a nice hardcore alternative to the likes of the PSP or Nintendo 3DS, and it sure beats anything you can get on a standalone Android or iOS powered device.

I'm sure many of you with tons of questions can have your queries answered by learning more over on the Official Website, where additional blogs, videos and news regarding Project SHIELD can be found.