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The Nvidia GeForce GTX 680 is a powerful video card and is surpassed only by the GTX 690 and Nvidia's Titan. The card still manages to hold its own, as showcased in a tech demo showcasing absolutely massive destruction to a Colosseum in real-time. The best part about it is that all the debris stays where it falls and doesn't fade or clip away.

The demo comes courtesy of this year's Game Developer's Conference where all the big dogs in the tech and entertainment industry are unveiling new and updated middleware to help developers, gamers and publishers alike experience the best the industry has to offer when it comes to design tools.

Nvidia, on the other hand, wasn't at GDC to break out the latest in physics tools or animation tree organizers, the team was there to showcase the power of Nvidia's GeForce line of video cards and they did just that with both the tech demo for the enhanced facial animations and with the release of the tech demo featuring massive physics-based destruction in real-time, running on a single GTX 680 card.

The demo isn't necessarily showing any game or software project in particular, but mostly just demos the possibilities available on their line of graphics cards, similar to that latest promo trailer for Warframe that showcases the particle power of PhysX.

The good news is that the GTX 680 is already out and available and so if you have one, your card is already capable of what's showcased in that tech demo above. Anyone who doesn't have an Nvidia will probably see something like the above and wish they had one.

You can learn more about Nvidia's line of high-end graphics cards, including the highly revered Titan, by visiting their Official Website.