The first ever gamer-funded, crowd-sourced video game console is still making good progress on the design and development front. The Android powered, $99 game console is getting through the ropes and on schedule for the SDK's launch this December. The team has also acknowledged that they've switched to the Jelly Bean OS to make it easier to keep the system updated.

On the Level Gaming is reporting that OUYA has received an update to its operating system, moving from Ice Cream Sandwich to Jelly Bean. The update was made to support the latest software and firmware for Android devices, which in turn makes it easier for game designers to port their games.

In addition to the OS update, a new screenshot was also released to showcase that the printed circuit board or PCB has also been finalized and showcases a system nearly ready for shipping. You can check out the PCB in an image below compared to a Japanese/Chinese Coca-Cola can.

Pretty tiny, eh?

In this case, size doesn't matter because it's about the big values that OUYA brings with it. The system will only sell for $99 and all the games will be free-to-play with optional microtransactions.

I do hope that some games will have standardized pricing, as it would be a shame that you couldn't really own any of the titles, and instead only lease the experience in the form of digital micro-goods. My biggest fear for such a closed-system is that you never own the library you accrue and you'll never have a legitimate collection. In some ways, your games die when the service dies.

Nevertheless, you can learn more about OUYA and its revolutionary new take on the home console business by visiting the official website.

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