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The Oculus Rift has slowly been gaining traction over the past couple of months in the world of game design and technology. The Rift is a 3D headset that brings 1:1 virtual reality head-tracking to the game and design space and after receiving quite a bit of positive press and some buzz, it has been announced that the Oculus Rift is now supported by Unity Technology.

David Helgason, CEO and co-founder, Unity Technologies commented in the press release about the collaboration between Unity and Oculus, saying...
“Unity provides game developers with amazing tools that bring joy to the process of creating games, while also lowering the financial and time barriers of high-end production,”... “The next generation of video games will not only be found on consoles, but also on PCs, mobile devices and in the cloud though none of these platforms offer the ability to step into the experience. That is where the Oculus Rift comes in. We’re partnering with Oculus to give Unity developers the ability to create the most immersive gaming experiences yet.”

The Oculus Rift allows gamers to experience their favorite titles in a completely new way. The ability to freely move your head and experience the action in a completely new way opens up a lot of doors for virtual reality interactivity.

The Rift has garnered most of its attention after its successful Kickstarter campaign and by combining with the Unity Engine developers have a lot of freedom is exploring brand new territory with the device and the design suite.

This should be an interesting combination given that Unity recently updated to version 4.1, which opens up a lot of possibilities for AirPlay and advanced memory management. You can visit the Official Website to learn more about the device.