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The isometric, free-to-play MMORPG, Odin Quest, has already made it onto the scene and is making a somewhat non-distinctive splash. To help get the game out there and to get people distinctively thinking about Odin Quest, PlaySnail has decided to throw some free start packs the way of gamers, with the content worth about $80.

The game itself is a typical MMO with a cutesy set of graphics, colorful art-scheme and a measure of strategy tossed in for the gameplay. You know, typical MMO fanfare. Now I haven't actually had time to dive into this game for any good amount of time so whether it's good or not is entirely up to the community to judge.

The game's descriptions are all very basic and generic, so it would be hard to write anything terribly specific based on what's available. The best I can say is that it has magic, has good guys, has bad guys and has gameplay surrounding Norse mythology.

We'll be handing out some keys for this game the same way we do with all our other giveaways: via Facebook. Oh yeah, we love our Facebook. If Zynga made good games we might even actually play them via Facebook that's how much we love it (but not really). You can grab a starter pack key by getting it off our Facebook page. We'll be posting them periodically throughout the day.

Instructions for retrieving the keys can be viewed below. Need more info? Feel free to visit the game's official website.

How to Redeem The Newbie Card?
1. Register at and log in game, then create a role on Server #1 Medusa.
2. Visit Newbie Card NPC Kuroro [58, 106] in Medagate and talk to her, click 'Marketing Gift II' to redeem the Marketing Gift Card.
3. Check whether the gift mail has been sent.
4. If the Card doesn't work or you don't get the gift after redeeming the Newbie Card successfully, please contact any in-game GM for help.

Odin Quest Newbie Card Details (80$ worth in all)
Lv3 EHC Stone x 1
Daily VIP Card x 1
Escort Scroll x 2
Inventory Enlarger (1 slot) x 1
Ghost Knight (1Day) x 1
Secret Pattern x 3
Alliance Coin x 1

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