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One Piece Pockie Pirates Enters Open Beta Soon

Avast, yo-ho-ho and all that jazz. If swashbuckling on the high seas is your idea of a good time, then you’ll want to keep your eye out for Game321’s Pockie Pirates, a strategy game for men of fortune set to enter open beta in July. You might know the source material better here in the States as the hit anime, One Piece

What’s the dream of every pirate on the planet? Wrong! The correct answer is to become the King of Pirates. In Pockie Pirates, you play as a young pirate on a quest to achieve that very goal. The only way to become King, though, is to have the best captaining skills around.

In Pockie Pirates, those skills include organizing a cut-throat crew of scallywags, maintaining and upgrading the best ship in the water and excelling at warfare on the high seas. Players will earn gold and silver coins for solid performances, which can then be used to buy new parts for their ship or upgrade the parts they already have. Once your ship is fighting-ready, it’s time to dive into a strategic battle system using cannons and even magical attacks. Because, you know, pirates are also wizards.

Once your ship is in order, it’s your job as captain to set up your crew in the most effective positions to take the fight to your various enemies. You can even make crew members who disobey or aren’t pulling their own weight walk the plank. Why? Because you’re the captain, that’s why. You call the dang shots.

Pockie Pirates is set to enter its open beta in early July and everyone and their peg-legged uncle is invited to join in. To try your hand at becoming the King of the Pirates, pre-register at the Game321 website.

Ryan Winslett

Staff Writer for CinemaBlend.