Robot Entertainment revealed today that they're working on a sequel to tower defense game Orcs Must Die!. Orcs Must Die! 2 will be available for the PC via digital download this summer.

Orcs 2 picks up days after the first game. The War Mage is once again fighting the orc mob. This time, though, he's got a partner: a Sorceress.

Alone or with a friend, players must defend against the army of orcs, featuring a mixture of old and new enemies. Players will have new defenses at their disposal, as well as a collection of magical trinkets. You'll earn skulls by replaying levels and can use them for permanent upgrades on your defenses.

Robot says that if you own the original Orcs on PC, you'll unlock exclusive content for the sequel. No word on what those extras will include yet. Bonus items, maybe?

Orcs 2 will make an appearance at PAX East this weekend. Robot Entertainment will have a playable version of the game at their booth on the convention floor.

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